Muness Mara

36.5" Black filly

dob: 26/04/2008

Dam: Shahn of Muness Dark Brown

Sire: Musselbrough Keltic Skewbald


Mara has a adudance of mane and tail.   She loves her cuddles and kisses and she seems to know when you are sad becasue she comes for more cuddles.

She has only been shown once but did well then in a large class.

3rd standerd black filly foal at lerwick sale show 2008

Also her half sisters and Dam have had alot of sucess in the show ring this year.


 Gerratoun Eydis

34" Black Filly with mearly mussel

dob: 04/05/2008

Dam: Stoya Of Gerratoun

Sire: Emblem of Brindister Chestnut

Eydis has an abudance of mane and tail.  She is also has a corious temperment and has a bauetiful small head.


Pund Gayle

37" Bay and White Scewbald filly

dob: 08/07/2008

Dam: Cassie of Kirkatown Skewbald

Sire: Mill of Townie Scotsman

This lovely filly was percised for her filly an dlovely markings.  She has the temperment of an angel. 


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